3 reasons why the answer is YES.

  1. Drowning is a real risk

    WHO Global Report on Drowning

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According to the World Health Organization, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. Globally, the highest drowning rates are among children 1-4 years, and for children who live near open water sources, such as ditches, ponds, irrigation channels, or pools are especially at risk. Given that in the Okanagan we have many rivers, steams, and lakes, it is so important that all children learn how to swim and respect the water.

  1. This form of exercise can last a lifetime

Swimming is one of the best sports for learning coordination, balance and movement. Swimming is also very scalable offering increased resistance for increased effort. Introducing your child to swimming early on will promote a healthy life. Once your child knows how to swim, they may hop in a pool at any point in their life to get a low-risk, high-intensity workout.

  1. Starting early can save you money

The sooner children get into swimming lessons or have access to supervised play in the water, the better. When children learn to have fun in the water, they also develop their trust in the water. When children trust the water, they can learn swimming skills much faster- thus saving time and money spent on lessons! A parent who is afraid of water is likely to pass on the fear to the child. Parents can put their children in swimming lessons early on to avoid this transference.