Swim Level

You may notice that we have added some new levels into our continuum.

The WETS Instructors found that after our students completed the Whale level they were not ready to progress to the Red Cross Swim Kids level 4 as suggested by the Canadian Red Cross.  The students were repeating level 4 several times after doing such a great job completing Whale.  They were becoming discouraged and dishearten with swimming.  To compensate, we would give them a Swim Kids Level 1, or 2, or 3 badges until they completed level 4.  This was confusing to the parents, the swimmers, the Instructors and the registration system.

As a result, we developed the Whale 1 – 2 – 3 program which is a stop-gap transition from the Pre-School program to the Swim Kids program.  Now after they complete Whale we will continue to work on skills for level 4, but if they do not complete it the swimmer will receive a level 1, but we call it Whale 1, etc.

Need help to find your child’s swim level?

Try these useful links!

Swim Kids Red Cross Registration Guide

PreSchool Red Cross Registration Guide

Switching to WETS from another swim program?

Are you familiar with the YMCA swimming lesson program? Use this comparison chart to find out which corresponding Red Cross Swim Level your child is in.
Are you are unsure of which level your child is in?
Maybe it’s been a while since they were in swim lessons, or maybe they are between levels.
No problem!
Our instructors would be happy to evaluate your child to ensure they are in the best fitting class!