Bronze Medallion Lifesaving Course

Gain lifesaving skills, build self-confidence

Bronze Medallion, teaches an understanding of the lifesaving principles embodied in the four components of water rescue education: judgment, knowledge, skill, and fitness. Bronze Medallion challenges the candidate both mentally and physically. Judgment, knowledge, skill and fitness – the four components of water rescue – form the basis of Bronze Medallion training.

Candidates acquire the assessment and problem-solving skills needed to make good decisions in, on and around the water. Bronze Medallion is a prerequisite for Assistant Lifeguard training in Bronze Cross. 


  • Minimum 13 years of age or Bronze Star certification.


Upon successful completion of all the Bronze Medallion Course:

  • 100% attendance policy in place for this course, which is not flexible.
  • Bronze Medallion is a requisite for Bronze Cross.

Dates: & Location:

May 26 – 28, 2023
– Friday May 26th from 4 – 7pm at WETS office 145-1715 Dickson Ave

-Saturday and Sunday May 27 & 28 from 9am – 5pm at the Okanagan Seasons Resort.
Tuition: $190.00 + Textbook ($40.00)

Interested in career opportunities as a Water Safety Instructor? Becoming certified in Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross is a great way to prepare for a career in aquatics.

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