Homeschool Lessons

*We are an authorized lesson/service provider for several homeschooling/DL agencies, including SelfDesign and Heritage Christian Homeschooling, and as such, accept full payment from them.

We believe learning to swim is a fun and rewarding way for your child to develop self-confidence and independence at any age. Whether they are a natural fish and love the water already or find swimming challenging and have more resistance to being in or around water; a child of any age and ability can discover the freedom to float and learn to swim with confidence.

All of our instructors have criminal record checks and are experienced in working with a variety of children. Special needs can be easily accommodated.

Our instructors give individual attention and personalized instruction in sync with your child’s unique personality and strengths. We enrich their experience by engaging their sense of sight, sound and touch to tune into their comfort and challenges zones. This helps them identify their strengths and overcome any fears or resistance to developing their swim skills one step at a time.

We do accept payment from various homeschool associations in the form of Purchase Orders or Visa.

For further information or to book your lessons. Please contact us.