Swim Lessons

Join us for swim lessons at the location nearest you. With only 2 students per class, our pool lessons feature small class sizes providing more individual attention so that your child gets personalized instruction in sync with their personality and strengths to help them learn how to float, swim and play safely when they are in, on or around water.  If you wish to have 3 students in your class with friends and family please contact 250-470-7496 or email info@wets.ca.

At WETS our mission is to teach kids how to swim in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment so they can become water safe using the WETS progressions method. Our swim lessons are designed with busy families in mind which means no more waiting between classes! We multi-level teach so siblings of varied swim abilities can be in the same class!

New to WETS swim lessons?

First of all welcome to WETS! We are so happy to have you as a part of our swim family. If you are joining us from other programs like YMCA or Red Cross, you may be wondering which level to put your child in. If so, follow this link to find out your child’s swim level.

What parents are saying about our swim lessons:

“Both of my children are in swimming lessons through WETS. My daughter who is 6 can do laps back and forth across the pool without any issues. I love the small class sizes and since its held in a hotel pool the kids aren’t distracted by watching other people around them. It’s very important to me to make sure my kids learn to swim since we live in the Okanagan surrounded by lakes and I know they will be water safe. I recommend the program to all my friends. Donna is amazing! – Jennifer Park