Wets Squads

Welcome to the WETS Club! This club is all about exploring water sports in a fun, interactive and structured atmosphere. Enjoy our clinics, introductions to different water sports and renowned pre-competitive swim club, SQUADS. Read below for dates, times, locations and pricing.

Introduction to Competitive Swimming

WETS SQUADS Club is our pre-competitive swim club program for children who have completed Swim Kids level 4 (Ages 5 + up) and want to further develop their swim technique in a fun team-training atmosphere where the elements of competition are introduced. This program is ideal for pre-swim club or extra practice for those already in swim club as we focus on four competitive strokes (front crawl, back craw, breaststroke and butterfly), starts, turns and finishes.
In Squads we encourage an active lifestyle for children and youth through healthy competition and building a strong community.

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A Note from Coach Megan: “The Squads program is a great introduction to competitive swimming. A lot of work is emphasized on body position, steady kicking, rhythm, and breathing control that is crucial in becoming an successful competitive swimmer. This is a great program to get your young swimmer prepared for the exciting world of competitive swimming!”

Introduction to Synchronized Swimming

WETS Go Synchro is a play-based, water-orientation program designed to teach simple basic entry level synchronized skills. Besides all the fun the swimmers will have, this program will also develop body awareness, improve breath control, increase comfort level and encourage creativity. Swimmers should be at least 7 years of age and completed Swim Kids level 4.


Introduction to Triathlon

WETS Go Triathlon is a short clinic to introduce athletes to the combination and transition of 3 sports in one race; Swim – Transition – Cycle – Transition – Run.

Swim: Front Crawl is the main stroke working on distance and pace while learning to keep sight of their destination.
Transition: From Swim to Bike.
Cycle: Safety and bike handling are the main focus.
Transition: From Cycle to Run.
Run: Athletes will be working on their pace and stride.

Introduction to Water Polo

WETS play Water Polo. Participate in our fun filled Water Polo clinics and discover how much fun this sport can be! Try it alone or join with friends today!

Special WETS Club Clinics

Introduction to Snorkelling

We invited Tim Butt from Kelowna Divers to join us for the Introduction to Snorkeling Clinic.