What’s your language?

“My child has FAILED Salamander”.

We have heard that word “failed” from time to time from both parents and students.  We also hear the words “passed” and “test day”. It is time for a change.

We Teach Swimming (WETS) uses the Red Cross Swim program, which promotes the language of “complete” or “incomplete” rather than pass or fail. A child that completes a level and a half in one session, or for a child to complete half of a level are both still learning which needs to be recognized. They have not failed but may need more practice at some skills, which they will continue to work on as they progress through the Red Cross continuum.

Another commonly used term is “test day”, however, we do not grade the students on final “test day”, but rather use teaching methods to help progress them through the strokes and skills each lesson day. This is known as continuous evaluation.

We hope this helps promote some healthy positive language to encourage our swimmers through their swimming journey.