Success Stories

Feedback from Parents...

“I am very happy with the swimming lessons that I have given my two daughters with We Teach Swimming. I worked full-time up until my first daughter, Kirsten, was 4 and 1/2. I was not able to give her swimming lessons in that time as it just never worked out. I work shift work and the times that were offered at the facility that I knew of did not line up with my days off etc. I heard about We Teach Swimming from a co-worker of mine, Lindsey Joyce. Her 4 children loved the classes and she highly recommended the program. Kirsten, my daughter was terrified of the water and would not even stick her head under the bath. Within a few lessons with Donna of We Teach Swimming, she was very comfortable putting her head under and getting all wet. She is 10 years old now and in the final stages of Level 9. She is also taking a Junior life guard program which she loves. She loves swimming and I know it has a lot to do with the wonderful teachers at We Teach Swimming. They have small classes (usually no more than 4 kids at a time) and this makes for a better balance and more one on one with the teachers. My second daughter who is 5 and 1/2 now also loves swimming and the teachers with WETS.”


“I just wanted to let you know how fantastic swimming classes with Britney have been this week. Yoshi and Teah adore her anyways but they have learned so much in those few days. Teah has gone from barely swimming to being completely comfortable jumping into the deep end and swimming the whole length of the pool. Yoshi is loving classes too and has been working hard on the next two levels.”


“My daughter Cassidy did two sessions with WETS. Unfortunately, we moved to Ontario and couldn’t continue. I wanted you to know that her teacher Kelly made quite the impression on her. Every time we get ready for her new lessons she asks for “teacher Kelly” and says how much she liked her. You guys were great, and very accommodating to my situation, having he baby and my husband being out of town! We looked forward to Fridays when Cassidy could see Kelly and have some time in the pool and I could have some time with the. New baby! It was a fantastic experience!”


“Love, love, love Donna and Courtney! They are both so good at what they do, are great with the kids and extremely accommodating! I think what I appreciate the most, though, is the addition of Squads to the program to cater to more competitive swimmers. The Squads sessions have done wonders for my daughter’s stroke and turn techniques. She’s been swimming with Donna and Courtney for years and still looks forward to it every week! Thanks for everything you do, Ladies!”


“We put our daughter in lessons with WeTS when she was 3 years old. She has come a long way since then – from me having to be in the water holding her so she wouldn’t cry to having just passed her Bronze Star at 10 years of age. Donna has such a kind heart and wonderful spirit and her love of teaching is evident in the amazing ability she has of being able to get even a frightened child to at least try the components of swimming. She and her instructors make learning fun and when you add the small class sizes it adds to the perfect atmosphere for what can really be considered close to one-on-one lessons. To watch our daughter improve from lesson to lesson was another consideration for us to not only choose but continue with WeTS for all these years. She wasn’t lost amongst a large group of kids. We appreciated the convenient days and times that WeTS provided so that we could still include other activities during the week. Make up lessons were always scheduled if our daughter had to miss a lesson and correspondence was answered promptly. Being in WeTS has not only enriched our daughter’s life but ours as well. Knowing she can swim with confidence is comforting to us.”

Brian and Wendy

“The WETS program has been amazing. I had tried my child in a few different programs for swimming lessons and it was always the same result. He would cry and scream the whole class and we would be asked to leave because it was too disruptive. Then one day we met Kelly at a local swimming pool and she told us she was a swimming instructor with WETS and she suggested we try putting him in her class. The class sizes were small and Kelly was friendly and welcoming. She let him move at his own pace and was extremely patient with him through all his crying and yelling fits about having to be in the water. Slowly, over time he became comfortable in the water, putting his eyes in, moving off the pool steps, to even sitting on the side of the pool to jump in. She gave me lots of helpful tips to try at home during bath time to get him more comfortable as well. During summer there were no group lessons and I was worried. Kelly was great she gave me helpful hints and said whatever I do make sure he got in the water as much as possible this summer. I took everything she said as the gospel truth and made sure he spent plenty of time in pools and the lake throughout the summer. I am proud to say on the last weekend of summer my son went off a diving board (multiple times) all by himself and LOVED IT. Thank you WETS and ESPECIALLY teacher Kelly, none of this would have been possible without you!”


“As I watched my child’s progress, I was so please with how the instructor could focus on each kid’s different needs as here was so few in the class. Progress came so fast that way!”


“Absolutely the best swimming program out there!! The way the instructors interact with the children, they really DO care and want to see them succeed! Taylor loves going and loves Kelly!”


“I love that when my daughter was 5 she was swimming more like an 8 or 9 year old in conventional lessons and that she LOVES it!”


“My three children have loved their swimming lessons since we switched to WETS 2 years ago. Each child has progressed at an amazing rate thanks to the small class sizes and the attention that each child receives. There is no wasted time in the water so every minute of the lesson is of value. Being able to have all 3 children in the same class has saved our family so much time and made swimming so much easier to fit into our already busy schedule. Being given first opportunity to re-register each session has made scheduling activities for our family much easier.”


“We have been so thrilled to watch our daughter Hannah progress through the WETS program. We chose the WETS program because we liked the small class sizes, the warmer pools and the great class schedules. We have stayed with WETS because the instructors are amazing and because they have turned our daughter into a fantastic swimmer! We would highly recommend the WETS program…we think it’s the best in town!”


“All three of my children have learned to swim with WETS, and have gone from reluctant swimmers, frightened to put their faces in the water, to very accomplished and confident swimmers. WETS small class sizes and highly skilled and encouraging instructors was the key to this transition. I love the WETS swim program and highly recommend it.”


“My family has been swimming with We Teach Swimming for four years and without a doubt, Donna runs an amazing program. From flexible schedules, to easy make up classes and fantastic coaching, the quality of her lessons are excellent. My kids love swimming with Donna and Courtney, as they create a very fun learning environment. My oldest daughter just recently started swimming in a club, and they were so impressed with her technique and it is all thanks to We Teach Swimming.”


“Our son Matthew has been swimming with We Teach Swimming for a number of years. Matthew has Down Syndrome so it has been a long process. The instructors at We Teach Swimming have been thorough and yet a lot of fun. We are delighted at the progress our son has made. He is now in grade 12 and is swimming with Special Olympics.”


“Small class sizes and excellent instructors who take a real interest in your child.”


“Being able to have the same teacher who knows your child sets WETS apart from other programs.”


“I registered my children in WETS because I was tired of paying for them to just play and get used to the water. I wanted them to actually learn how to swim.They’ve learned to float, kick and progress onto swimming strokes. AS they develop their skills, endurance and strokes, I’m feeling more relaxed that they are safer in the water. This program is so worthwhile.”