I started using WETS for my three children when they were 3 years old, and they are now ages 8 (twins) and 9 years old.  I am so grateful to Donna as her program stands out from others in so many ways. With three children so close in age, she worked right off the bat to set up a time that worked for me and get all three in one class which made it very doable.  This was just the beginning.  I loved having them in a class all together with no other children in a quiet environment.  Not only did they always love going to their WETS swim session, but they made huge strides (which I never saw in other programs we tried), and are now all doing competitive swimming.  We live on the lake, and having our kids swim early was very important to us.  We could have never gotten there without Donna’s small class sizes and her dedication to finding competent, caring instructors to join her team.  Donna’s due diligence and her dedication to making a strong, safe program are the key to what makes WETS the best in the Okanagan.  I will miss seeing her and truly feel that the WETS program is such an asset to our community.  Thank you for all you do, Donna!  We have been so lucky to have you and I know you will teach many more children to be safe and competent swimmers.