“The WETS program has been amazing. I had tried my child in a few different programs for swimming lessons and it was always the same result. He would cry and scream the whole class and we would be asked to leave because it was too disruptive. Then one day we met Kelly at a local swimming pool and she told us she was a swimming instructor with WETS and she suggested we try putting him in her class. The class sizes were small and Kelly was friendly and welcoming. She let him move at his own pace and was extremely patient with him through all his crying and yelling fits about having to be in the water. Slowly, over time he became comfortable in the water, putting his eyes in, moving off the pool steps, to even sitting on the side of the pool to jump in. She gave me lots of helpful tips to try at home during bath time to get him more comfortable as well. During summer there were no group lessons and I was worried. Kelly was great she gave me helpful hints and said whatever I do make sure he got in the water as much as possible this summer. I took everything she said as the gospel truth and made sure he spent plenty of time in pools and the lake throughout the summer. I am proud to say on the last weekend of summer my son went off a diving board (multiple times) all by himself and LOVED IT. Thank you WETS and ESPECIALLY teacher Kelly, none of this would have been possible without you!”