“I am very happy with the swimming lessons that I have given my two daughters with We Teach Swimming. I worked full-time up until my first daughter, Kirsten, was 4 and 1/2. I was not able to give her swimming lessons in that time as it just never worked out. I work shift work and the times that were offered at the facility that I knew of did not line up with my days off etc. I heard about We Teach Swimming from a co-worker of mine, Lindsey Joyce. Her 4 children loved the classes and she highly recommended the program. Kirsten, my daughter was terrified of the water and would not even stick her head under the bath. Within a few lessons with Donna of We Teach Swimming, she was very comfortable putting her head under and getting all wet. She is 10 years old now and in the final stages of Level 9. She is also taking a Junior life guard program which she loves. She loves swimming and I know it has a lot to do with the wonderful teachers at We Teach Swimming. They have small classes (usually no more than 4 kids at a time) and this makes for a better balance and more one on one with the teachers. My second daughter who is 5 and 1/2 now also loves swimming and the teachers with WETS.”