Conquering the fear of water

Image by <a href="">Daniel Glauber</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

I am Shreelatha, am 30 yrs old, moved recently to Kelowna.

I have been scared of water since my childhood, but an accident that happened while canoeing got me terrified of water. I would be so scared of even standing in the swimming pool.

And being in Kelowna, you have so much water/lakes around. And while at a beach with my son, I would be terrified what if something happens and I need to get into the water.

So I decided its time to overcome my fear of water and get some swimming lessons. Thats when I reached out to Donna/WETS about adult swimming classes. Donna was so good at understanding my issues, so patient and assured me that everything would be fine. Savannah, my coach just started at a level where I was comfortable in water and slowly worked on getting me better. And with each class I could notice how I was beginning to change.

I still remember, I would go into the class still being scared of even floating. She would constantly encourage and motivate me to do better. She was teaching me to swim and also helping me overcome my fears. I still have lots to learn but am certainly in a better place than I started and definitely in good hands.

I am so glad I reached out to WETS. Donna is always available for any suggestions/advice you need and can be reached anytime. I would definitely refer WETS to anyone who wants to learn swimming.